A thing of such beauty must be called love. (electrakitty74) wrote in wilson_jheredia,
A thing of such beauty must be called love.

Note: Please forgive and delete if this is unwelcome. Thanks :)

Another RENT RPG?

Oh yes, but this one's different. Different how, you might ask?

Well, we're moderating it for a start. That's gotta count for something. Actually the main way it's different is because while we love you young'uns (really we do), this community is geared entirely to the over 18-set. We’re active and fun and have a lotta cool stuff going on. So, if you've been wanting to come and RP with a slightly more "mature" group, come on over and fill out an application. We're alllways looking for new and interesting OCs, so if you've got a great idea or just always wanted to put yourself into the RENT-verse: Click here to go to Alphabet City: http://z4.invisionfree.com/Alphabet_City/index.php?act=idx

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