Ally (jesusfreak413) wrote in wilson_jheredia,

wilson and adam and rent and tick tick boom!!!

so i just got back from the Jonathon Larson tribute in LA... Wilson Jermaine Heredia showed up and I gave him a HUGE hug. and plus adam was there. Wilson Cruz, Tammi and Andrew from the cast of Tick, Tick...BOOM! were there and preformed, as well as Jed Resnick, Bryce Ryness, Chante Carmel and Tracy McDowell from the current Rent tour cast.

And! Julie Larson, and her son. and Al and Nan Larson. :)

I'm floating on a cloud right now... we are going to see Tick, Tick...BOOM! tonight at 5 and then Rent tomorrow night. and I have video from the tribute concert and will upload on youtube when I get home, so probally monday
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