Chloe (prof_remuslupin) wrote in wilson_jheredia,

Hey everyone. I've been a Wilson fan since seeing him in the film version of Rent, which was my first experience with the show since I was too young for it when it came out and I'd just never gotten the CD before then, but I loved him like you all, so I'm here. Yeah. I really don't have that spectacular of a Wilson story for you all. I'll just sum it up and say I love Wilson just as much as you all do. Thus, that's why I'm here.

So I thought I'd suggest that someone get this wonderful copy of the Rent Bible that Wilson has signed. :D Even if it's to John, and that's not your name, who cares? It makes me feel bad that I spent $42 on my copy of the Rent Bible that's not signed by Wilson, when I could get one signed by him for $25. Good deal.
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