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Larsonapalooza in LA

I promised a full-detail update from Saturday’s Jonathan Larson tribute in the grove… sorry I lagged, but I was in LA until like 1 Sunday night and then since I’ve been way tired and busy. So here are some goodies… I’m leaving you all with first a review of the Tribute at the grove, a Tick, Tick…BOOM! Review, what occurred Saturday in the Rent line, a review of the Rent tour cast (I meant to put this one up here long ago, I saw them in San Diego too…), and pictures from the weekend, and then videos from Saturday. My videos were taken at a high resolution so I can’t get the 3 songs that were done by the Tick, Tick…BOOM! Cast up… and I can’t figure out how to compress them, but you guys can see the rest.

Okay so my friend Grace and I drove up from San Diego… we left at 6 am and got there at 8ish. Grace’s sister’s friend had let us stay at her apartment, she went home for the weekend to beat the heat, and so we dropped our stuff off there. Then we walked to the grove (we got lost for a while but figured out where we needed to go after all). We got to the grove at about 9, and they were setting the stage up. So we sat there for a while and were the first ones. Eventually people started showing up around like 10:30. The rent tour cast showed up, so we talked to Tracy and Jed for a while. I love them. After a while, we moved to the grass.

As we were sitting there we looked up, and saw Julie Larson, so we went over and talked to her. She was very sweet, and introduced us to her son. Someone interrupted our conversation to ask for a picture, and after she apologized. (Speaking of that… it happened more than once with different people). We went and sat back down. Eventually around 12 Adam showed up and as he made his way through the crowd he signed some autographs. We stayed at our seat, because we didn’t want to mob him. At about 12:15 the show started. Adam stood around and talked to the Rent tour cast and the Tick, Tick...BOOM! Cast for a while. After a bit, the show started

Bryce Ryness sang One Song Glory first. I was watching Adam who was smiling at Bryce the whole time… and half way through Tracy (Maureen) started motioning at me and I had no idea why… suddenly she walks over and takes my lens cap off my camera. It hadn’t been working earlier with the lens cap off and I thought it just wasn’t working again. Pretty much, the whole tour cast was laughing at me. But it’s all good. After that Adam was introduced and he came up, he was introduced as being in his own costume which was pretty much what looked like comfortable pants a tee-shirt a hat and my favorite A FANNY PACK! Anyways most of that is on the clips I put on youtube. Jed and Bryce sang What You Own and Tracy and Chante sang Take Me Or Leave Me. Wilson Jermaine Heredia was mentioned by Adam as being there and that was pretty exciting. After the Rent tour cast was done, they took off because they had a show at like 2. Anyways, then the Tick, Tick…BOOM! Cast preformed 30/90, Come To Your Senses, and Louder Than Words. I can’t get the video for those on youtube because the files were taken at such a high resolution that they are over 100 MB so if someone is interested in having me send them through aim and condensing them, let me know, I’d love to share them.

After the whole thing was over my friend, Grace and I went straight over to Wilson. Adam as far as we knew took off during Louder Than Words. A small circle was forming around Wilson and he turned and looked straight at me and was like “Hi!” and I was like “Hi Wilson… I just want to say what an honor it is to meet you, you’re amazing and we love you…” and he was just like “awwww” and then I asked “can we get pictures?” and he was all flattered and was like “OH SURE!!!” and so we each took pictures, first me and then Grace and after I was like “Can I get a hug????” and he was like “OH OF COURSE!!!” and he totally jumped on me wrapped his arms around me and started rocking me. BEST FREAKING HUG I’VE HAD IN MY LIFE!!!!! After that we walked away to the table to get our Tick, Tick…BOOM! Tickets I saw Wilson Cruz and asked him if they would stage door after the matinee and he said he didn’t know but he would come out just for us.

After that I pretty much had massive heat stroke… it was 110 degrees outside and I felt so sick… my stomach hurt… so we walked back to the apartment and took cold showers… I was so sick that I was honestly considering if I passed out in the shower, which way would be the best direction to pass out as to not drown. The Matinee for Tick, Tick…BOOM! Started at 5:00, and so we started walking at like 3:00. We stopped and got food, and walked for what seemed like an eternity (someone told us it was within walking distance. It was over 20 blocks and without stopping took 45 minutes).

Tick, Tick…BOOM! Was absolutely AMAZING. If you get the opportunity to see it, GO! I loved it enough to say it’s almost better than Rent. Although, I do feel they are so different you can’t compare them. Anyways, we saw Andrew Samonsky, who was amazing, and he totally put Jonathan in perspective, and hugging him after was very hard because it was almost as if you were hugging Jonathan. Wilson Cruz played Mike, and he was amazing. And then Tami Tappan Damino was Susan. Her voice is amazing. We pretty much cried the whole show and then half the walk home. It’s a very emotional amazing show. I am heading up there with a few other friends for the closing show on the 6th. And like he promised, Wilson and the rest of the cast came out afterwards for pictures. Afterwards, we walked back to the apartment and passed out at like 9:30.

The next morning we woke up to go rush at 6, and were there by like 7:15. We sat there for a while, and the Pantages does the first 2 rows as rush, so there was 53 seats each show that would be given through rush, for a grand total of 106 tickets. And for those who don’t know how rush works, each person in line can represent 2 tickets, although some people tried to pull some sneaky moves, but luckily nobody let them. Eventually people came around with an “unofficial count” and it was that the 9 people in front of us, and then us would probably not get seats. But it was unofficial so we decided to stay. Luckily it was a lot cooler Sunday; otherwise it would have been hard. We waited in the line for 7 ½ hours, and didn’t get tickets. We didn’t have money for cancellation line so we went back to the apartment changed and came back to search for people with extra tickets willing to take pity.

As we were standing there waiting, Jed and Chante came out and went to the box office, as they were walking away Grace goes “have a good show!” and Jed turned around and was like “thanks!” and he saw Grace stopped in his tracks ran over and gave her a huge hug and pulled me in too and was like “you guys made it!!! I’m so Glad!!! Did you get tickets?” and we explained what happened and he was like “awww I hope you get em it’s going to be a good show” and he had to go backstage so we said bye and told him whether or not got seats we would see him at the stage door after. We ended up getting tickets. And he was right the show was AMAZING. After the show, we were able to say hi to about half the cast. A lot of the cast took off, such as Bryce before we could get to them, but it’s okay because we got to spend a good amount with Jed, Jen and Ano (who gave me a kiss on the cheek!) I’ve pretty much come to realize that I’m super attached to this cast, and it kills me having them not in driving distance!!!

Anyways, here’s a review of the people overall from the 5 times I saw the tour cast

Bryce Ryness (Roger)- has an amazing voice, and puts a lot into his character. Words cannot express my love for his Roger. You can tell every night he puts his heart and soul into his performance, and he’s a really nice guy.

Jed Resnick (Mark)- pretty much one of the best Marks Rent has seen I believe. He is so quirky and funny and his voice is sooo smooth. I love him.

Warren G. Nolan Jr. (Collins)- gotta have love for a fellow san diegan! He’s amazing. He puts so much heart and soul into the show, mostly ICYR. It was amazing. Every single show during that song you could tell he was on the verge of tears.

Michael Ifill (Benny)- he was okay… nothing great, not horrible… but I swear Michael is such a thug. Haha

Chante Carmel (Joanne)- AMAZING. Her voice is absolutely amazing. TMOLM is one of the hottest things in the world.

Arianda Fernandez (Mimi)- ugg. Okay, I really didn’t like her. She sounded like a whiney little kid. I saw her 3/5 times, and there was one day that was somewhat better than others but she totally butchered Another Day

Jen Talton (Mimi Standby)- SHE IS LIFE! SHES FREAKING AMAZING. She’s so humble and sweet, and I’m SOOOO glad I got to see her not once but twice! Her voice is amazing!

Ano Okera (Angel)- he has a lower voice, and that kind of scared me, but he’s amazing. He may not be the “typical” angel, but his angel is amazing. His voice is very deep and I can’t really describe it. But he also moves like no other in those heals (seeing as he is a ballerina) and Ano in general is one of the cutest people ever, and I really wanted to cuddle him. Haha

Tracy McDowell (Maureen)- I’m an Anti-blonde Maureen person, but Tracy rocks!!! She’s hysterical and again TMOLM was HOT. Her voice is drop dead gorgeous! And so is she!

Nina Lynn Metrick (Mark’s Mom)- she was funny

Mike Evarsite (Paul, I also saw him as Benny)- great voice, I liked him better than Michael Ifill

Gavin Reign (Gordon)- has a pretty voice. I would have liked to see him as Roger, but at the same time, not because I loved Bryce so much

Sheila Coyle (Alexi Darling)- she did really well as Alexi. She kept me laughing

Okay now here are pics

this was the poster that was shown as advertisement for the Jonathan Larson tribute at the grove

here’s Chante and Tracy singing for the sound check

Jed and Bryce watching TMOLM sound check

Tick, Tick...BOOM! cast

Wilson and I!

This is part of the display at the Cornet Theater for Tick, Tick…BOOM! These were a replica of shoes that Jonathan had and wrote on

Grace, Wilson Cruz, Tami Tappan Damino, Me, Andrew Samonsky… awesome cast for Tick, Tick…BOOM!

Michael Ifill (Benny) and I

Jennifer Talton (Mimi Standby) and I

Chante Carmel (Joanne) and I

Ano Okera (Angel) and I!

Aswad (Ensemble) and I

Warren and I

Jed and I

this is from San Diego but Tracy McDowell (Maureen) and I

from San Diego, Gavin Reign (Gordon) and I

from San Diego, Bryce Ryness (Roger) and I

from San Diego, Bryce Ryness, Grace’s Sister, Grace, me, Jed Resnick

from San Diego… just because I adore this picture so much.. Ano Okera and I… for those American Sign Language nuts, ANO SIGNS!!! :o) Bryce Ryness OSG soundcheck sound only Bryce Ryness and Jed Resnick What You Own Soundcheck sound only Bryce Ryness OSG sound only until Tracy McDowell takes my lens cap off Adam Pascal introducing everything Bryce Ryness and Jed Resnick What You Own Adam Pascal and Wilson Cruz talking Chante Carmel and Tracy McDowell Take Me Or Leave Me

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