shadylady482 (shadylady482) wrote in wilson_jheredia,

Sims 2 Stuffs

Hi all. I haven't posted anything here for quite a while, but I finally have something to share. If there are any Sims 2 fans out there, I started a project a few months ago making custom Rent content. I didn't anticipate that it would take nearly as long as did to learn about making all this stuff and get enough of it together to share! Everything I've got right now is Angel-related, and I plan to be working on all of Angel and Collins' stuff first (of course!).

It's a work in progress (let me know if you find any mistakes or errors), but here's the site:

Feedback is much appreciated! Even if you don't play the Sims, feel free to check out the pictures and offer opinions/advice/whatever; I'm really interested to hear what people think. :) Hopefully you all don't think I'm *completely* insane for putting so much time into this, but honestly I've learned so much about 3D modeling and PhotoShop and even some aspects of web design that it's all been worth it - and hey, it's even helped me out at work, so I can't beat that! :)
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